Bart Roijmans is an independent composer with extensive experience in producing soundtracks for computergames and multimedia projects on multiple platforms. He has written music for clients such as Atari, Disney, Vicarious Visions, 1st Playable Productions, Engine Software and Playlogic.

Early 1990, His biggest passion was composing music for games and graphic demos for the MSX system. Through mutual friends he got acquainted with the founders of Engine Software, who were also active in the MSX-scene at that time. In 1992 he finished his first game soundtrack for a non-commercial project.

Not particularly looking for a job in the games-industry he went to college studying computer science. Meanwhile Engine Software turned professional in 1995, and were still looking for a sound designer. After his graduation in 1999, Bart joined the Engine Software team, and has worked there for over 12 years as the in-house composer.

Since 2006 he started working as a freelancer to broaden his horizon. At the ‘Games in Concert’ event in 2007, Bart’s music from the game Stateshift was performed live by the Metropole Orchestra and Pa’dam choir.

Current projects include composing music and soundscapes for meditation purposes and soundtracks for commercials and film. In 2016 he released the album Equilibrium. The latest album Radix was released in September 2017, which features 10 songs in a synth/orchestral hybrid sound.